Into the Light

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Type: B/W, Paperback

Size: 6X9

Pages: 272

Font: Bigger reader-friendly font with apt spacing to make reading a pleasure

Hush! Listen to the author’s silent, almost inaudible, cries for help as the ground beneath her starts her on a slippery descent. She grasps at anything that will give her support, but slowly starts losing her foothold. Pangs of the fear of death grip her as she sinks further, bringing shivers down her spine. She realises as she starts to fall that life has lost its meaning and purpose as the swamp of misery and intense pain clog her whole being and she gets entrenched in a bog of depression.

Lying there, without hope, she cries out in desperation, and that’s when her pleas are heard. She slowly feels, weakly at first, a knotted rope sent down to the bottomless abyss into which she has sunk. Then sensing the strength at the other end, she holds tight and feels herself being pulled out from darkness into the light! Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Open and read chapter after chapter and find hope in your hopelessness through words that are so beautifully penned within!

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    Susan tks for taking me down memory lane!! Can connect with every thing you have said!! Couldn’t hold back happy tears when i came to page 39!! I just loved my home town in Kerala and just did not want to come back to Madras ( chennai now). Liked your simple style of writing but powerfully written. Am still on chapter 4 and hope to give you an end of the book feedback. Great job and keep at it Susan!!!

  2. Sajini Cherian

    I had the privilege of reading my friend Susan John’s book – “Into the Light”, and I must say, it’s a captivating account of a deeply moving and remarkable journey through her life.
    The book takes us through the highs and lows of her life, from a privileged upbringing to the challenges of financial hardship and rejection. From the pinnacle of affluence to navigating the challenges of a sudden downturn in her family’s business, her story is a testament to resilience and strength.
    The narrative beautifully unfolds her struggles to manage her higher studies without financial support, portraying the determination that drove her forward. Her resilience and unwavering faith in the face of adversity are truly remarkable. It is a story of hope, courage, and the power of faith in overcoming obstacles. What struck me most was her unwavering faith, which became a guiding light through rejection and adversity.
    The author’s candid portrayal of how God played a pivotal role in her life adds a deeply spiritual dimension to the memoir. It’s not just a story of overcoming obstacles but also a profound exploration of faith and divine intervention. In moments of rejection, the author’s strength shines through, offering readers a source of inspiration. Her experiences and the way she found strength in her faith will resonate with many readers.
    This book is a compelling read for anyone seeking a story of triumph over challenges, a testament to the enduring power of faith. Highly recommended for its authenticity, emotional depth, and the powerful message it carries.

  3. Zebu Mathew

    Congrats! Dear Susan John….On the occasion of the release of your First book titled “Into the light“. Sweet narration and very much true from the heart that I couldn’t help but read it completely at one go. God bless for more…with best wishes and regards.
    Zebu Mathew

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