The BCT Book: Recipes from the Heart

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Type:  Hardback, Full Colour

Size:  A4

Pages: 200

Font: Bigger reader-friendly font with apt spacing to make reading a pleasure

           When a bunch of food enthusiasts spun away from the city group so as to not bore the others with tales of yeast and rising dough, little did we know what a bustling community of friends we were going to be. Spread across cities, even continents, spread across age brackets, spread across tastes and experiences. And bound by that one true love, FOOD.

Food was a passion for some and a need for others, a need to develop repertoire and learn new exciting things to make. Came Covid, the great leveler and there was a buzz. To make do with a different set of ingredients, to substitute and create restaurant-style dishes as eating out became a pipe dream. It was in these crazy times that even more friendships blossomed. Food became a lifeline of connections, and as soon as anyone could, they were sending and receiving food and food-related gifts.

Here is the compilation of all those recipes. They mean much more than just recipes, they are totems of people we know and love and a part of our shared experience in these last few years. A symbol of this sisterhood, a reminder of the comforting warmth that rises from our kitchens and envelopes us all. Whether we are bakers, cooks or travelers.

We loved putting it together for you. Cook away!


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