Kingsleysur : The Hidden Flames

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Type: B&W

Size: 5 X 8  (Standard Novel)

Pages: 136

Font: Bigger reader-friendly font with apt spacing to make reading a pleasure

I don’t know why, but my life hasn’t been going normal since the past two months. A lot of weird stuff has been happening in my life. Oh wait, I just realized I haven’t even introduced myself. My name is Kingsleysur and my life hasn’t been simple like that of other kids. My parents were killed by some random woman, leaving me with a lot of questions. There’s so much I don’t know … It turns out I have powers of a clan that hasn’t been seen for hundreds of years. Weird dreams tell me that the same clan has kidnapped my parents. Now, I am on a quest to get a unique type of “fire” for someone who knows where my parents are … Join me on this exciting quest to find my parents …


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