Why Should You Choose Us

    What we don’t

  • We don’t try to fit you inside a “standard” template

  • We don’t just work with celebrity authors, we intend to make you one

  • We don’t make you wait days and days for a simple query

    What we do

  • We celebrate and value uniqueness

  • We enhance your content unlike any others in the field

  • We are transparent and have an author-first approach

  • We provide you with best-in-class customer service

Genesis of I Am An Author

We have been in the publishing industry, behind the scenes editing international journals, for over a decade. But in 2020, a solemn moment of self-realization got us thinking about why we had remained backstage and hadn’t dreamed of becoming like the powerhouses we were editing for. This is the genesis of what went on to become I Am An Author. I Am An Author is an imprint of Edisun Consulting Services.

Your Success is Ours

  • We are passionate about books. All kinds. All genres.

  • We are a fast-growing self-publishing company with services helping authors publish their work with ease, especially indie authors and little budding champions.

  • We provide a great platform to publish your work.

Our Accomplishments

  • We have published over 200 books which include books by child authors as young as 6 years. We are proud of our books as we are of our authors – every one of them.

  • Ours is an ala carte approach – we do not follow a standard model for all our books. We value your input and your creative suggestions at every step of the process.

  • We are prompt – your book will be published in exactly 3 weeks from the time we receive your completed manuscript.*

  • All our existing clientele appreciate our outstanding customer service – your happiness is our ultimate reward.

  • We provide end-to-end guidance for publishing your masterpiece – ISBN, Copyrights, Design, Editing, Illustration, Printing, E-book, Distribution, & Marketing Services – All under one roof. For more details, visit our Services page.


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