Blue waters

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Type: B/W, Paperback

Size: 5X8 (Standard Novel)

Pages: 180

It was Blue Waters that I saw for the first time in my life as a child on our journey from Penang to Madras (Chennai). It left in me unforgettable deep impressions … I never imagined that we would ever see land as we left Penang for Madras (Chennai). The Blue Water for me was a mighty mystery and an awesome power. It was these Blue Waters, so formless, unfathomable and fearsome, that shaped my thinking. I believed that a power as rich as the ocean could mitigate my problems.

Aren’t we naturally drawn to aquatic hues? And don’t we associate the blue water with qualities like calmness, openness, depth and wisdom? All these qualities are mandatory to deal with the ups and downs of our lives. Water, being an abundant resource, can calm and connect us, increase innovation and insight, and even heal what’s broken.

It took 81 long and colourful years to weave this authentic story, the story of my life, that you may only take a few hours to be done with. I have used simple, spoken language to tell my story. I am someone who firmly believes in the power of simplicity.


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