The World’s Greatest Kings

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Level: Progressive Reader

Type: Paperback, Picture Book, B&W

Size: 6X9

Pages: 44

Font: Bigger reader-friendly font with apt spacing to make reading a pleasure

History has seen the rise and fall of various empires. Numerous kings have fought to retain and expand kingdoms. In the midst of the warfare and bloodshed, great emperors rose to power, not just through the victories in battles but also through the welfare of the masses. The livelihood and cultures of the people were altered by the emperors. They have changed the course of history, both positively and negatively. Some emperors rose from rough childhood; some renounced war after carnage; and some wanted justice to prevail. Each of their lives holds thousands of stories to be heard and lessons to be shared. Knowing their stories would inspire us on how to live and sometimes even how not to. This book presents to you some of the emperors in history, to kindle your interest to go back in time and know our journey thus far!


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