Four in a Quiver

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Level: Fluent Reader

Type: B&W

Size: 5 x 8 (Standard Novel)

Pages: 70

Font: Bigger reader-friendly font with apt spacing to make reading a pleasure for our young readers


Four in a Quiver is a collection of short stories that will ignite the imagination of your kids and set them on a journey of adventure.

Listen! is a delightful story of four playful children who are part of a trekking trip arranged by their school. The unexpected life-threatening situations the children face teaches them the importance of being attentive and alert.

My Father’s Trip to Kaziranga talks of the enthusiasm of four young men who wish to visit the Kaziranga National Park in the 1970s to see the famous one-horned rhinoceros and their adventure of crossing the River Brahmaputra in spate makes for an interesting read.

One Winter Night is a spooky story with a touch of humour. It is creepy and funny at the same time, and will make a good bed time story for children.

Ramu’s Escape from the Island is a story about a carefree adventure-seeking teenager. One stormy day, Ramu goes out all alone in a small motor boat to fish. He ends up in an island because his boat capsizes. Read the story to know if and how he escapes from the island.


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