Running through the Jungle

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Level: Fluent Reader

Type: B&W

Size: 5 x 8 (Standard Novel)

Pages:  62

Font: Bigger reader-friendly font with apt spacing to make reading a pleasure


What if your plane crashes in the middle of a dense forest and you’re the lone survivor? Take a peek into the adventures of Selena as she runs through the wild hoping to find light in the middle  of a dark, dense, dangerous forest. Grab your copy now and enjoy her gripping journey!

4 reviews for Running through the Jungle

  1. Lakshmanan. SP

    Best children book

  2. SP. Lakshmanan

    Wow! She is a new writter,. Good job

  3. SP. Lakshmanan

    Wow.!She is a New writter

  4. Lena

    Very nice thriller Adventure for a young author.

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