Memoirs of a Villager: Part 1 – Against All Odds

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Type: B&W

Size: 6 x 9 (Standard Novel)

Pages: 373

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There are many books that talk about how to survive a war zone, but not many about how to survive among corrupt politicians and bureaucrats without compromising one’s integrity. Here is a true story of a man who always spoke his mind, displaying extraordinary courage, even if it was contradictory to the views of his higher officials. Memoirs of a Villager is an honest portrayal of an IAS officer, Mr. N.K. Raghupathy, and the story of his life. Take a peek into the life of an exceptionally hard-working and sincere IAS officer of the 1975 batch. Known for his commendable work as a senior officer in the Government of West Bengal, he made an outstanding contribution by reforming the recruitment process in the Staff Selection Commission during his tenure (1984–1988) as the Regional Director and much more. 

It is common belief that people who achieved high in life were born with a silver spoon – this book will show you, in all simplicity, how someone beat the odds to win in life and contribute to society.


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