Lavenders: A Joyous Collection of Stories by Children

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Level: Fluent Reader (Age 9 )

Type: B&W

Genre: Fiction

Size: Standard novel size

Pages: 120

As part of our celebration of Children’s Day 2021, “I Am An Author” invited entries for a story writing contest for kids (ages 3–18). In response, we received a great number of entries, and it was sheer joy reading some of the most original and imaginative stories and poems. Some stories are relatable to their day-to-day life, and some transport us to fascinating imaginary worlds – to space, to an underwater world, to a different frequency and so on. Stories of all genres find a way into this collection – adventure, drama, fantasy, spooky, thriller, mystery, science fiction and those with a social message.

Imagination is key to creating original stories, and kids are blessed naturally with this talent. However, story writing is not just about having a creative mind. It is also about the ability to express one’s thoughts in an interesting and intelligible way. Completing a story requires patience, focus, knowledge of vocabulary, communication skill, reasoning ability and emotional intelligence. In a world where text is being replaced by emojis, finding young talent showing such enthusiasm to write stories and poems should be encouraged.

This is why at “I Am An Author”, we are proud to give these young authors a red carpet welcome and wish them great success for a successful writing career in the days to come.

As these stories are written by kids, they strike a chord with kids. Kids’ imagination isn’t tied by the ropes that limit ours; so you’ll enjoy these creations too as they’re purely and ingeniously creative. With not a dull moment as you read them, you’re going to keep pondering over them long after you’ve put the book down ♡!

This book includes works of:

Author nameStory
HannahMiraculous Baby
Shrawan NCourage Conquers Fear
Sid ThyagarajanEarth
Judith BejohnLost and Found
A.S. DarshanThe ghost who steals carrots
V. Anushka Devi13000 Kilometres apart
Arusha Pillai. MMy jungle journey
Vamce ShreeA little universe in my garden
Shrawan NMy trip to Hogwarts
Isabella AntoHope that Still Shines Bright
Isabella AntoTreasure
Shashini. AOnce upon a dream
Zainab Taslimarif KhanadaliThe Crazy Man
M. Vijaya DharsiniThe haunted house
V Anushka DeviThe Room of Requirement
Prapthi S GowdaUnicorn Princess


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