Heart of the Circus

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Type: B&W

Size: 6 X 9 (Standard Novel)

Pages: 218

Font: Bigger reader-friendly font with apt spacing to make reading a pleasure


Heart of the Circus is an unusual story of courage, resilience and forgiveness by Manna. Through her travels across the US on a train, her home for almost 8 years, Manna takes us on this magical adventure, one which is rare for an Indian woman from a conservative family. Without being preachy, this is the story of an inspiring circus teacher whose dedication and persistence will leave you wanting to explore more into what and how education should be imparted to our children.
Life at the circus was a miniature stage acting out everything that was happening in the world outside of it. There were births and deaths, relationships, breakups, weddings, job losses, ill health, fights, and so on. The only thing that the author felt was different from life outside was that everyone, irrespective of age and position, was in one way or the other involved in it all. That was really the way of life at the circus!

Come enjoy this train ride of full of surprising ups and downs as Manna saw them during her tenure with one of the mightiest shows on earth!!!


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