Grammar for Lilliputs: Level 1

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Level: Beginner (Age 5+)

Type: Activity Book, B&W

Size: 8 x 10 (handy for small kids)


Grammar for Lilliputs has been designed to teach very young kids the basics of grammar. Teach them young; watch them master the language as they grow!

Level 1: Beginner
When kids complete all the books of this level, they will be able to recognize the major parts of speech namely nouns, verbs, adjectives and prepositions. They will be able to write a short simple paragraph on any topic. Interwoven with a lot of colouring and matching activities, along with practice sheets, grammar will simply be seen as fun. Level 1 comprises eight books:

1. The Book of Nouns

2. The Book of Pronouns

3. The Book of Verbs

4. The Book of Prepositions

5. The Book of Adjectives

6. The Book of Articles

7. The Book of Punctuation and Capitalization

8. The Book of Making Sentences

Level 2: Intermediate
When learners complete this level, they will have an in-depth understanding of how grammar and syntax work. The books of this level include activities to engage kids and make them understand the grammatical concepts.

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Level 3: Advanced (coming soon)
When learners complete the Level 3 books, they will be able to express on their own in grammatically impeccable English.

In all the “I Am An Author” books, age is merely suggestive. Each kid is unique. Allow the kids to bloom at their pace in each of the levels.
Happy parenting and happy teaching!




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