Diary of a Lucky Dog

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Level: Fluent Reader

Type: B&W

Size: 5 x 8 (Standard Novel)

Pages: 123

Font: Bigger reader-friendly font with apt spacing to make reading a pleasure


Here comes the diary of Lucky, an adorable dog, and his super cool adventures. There’s a lot of great stuff going on in his life, including his owner, his new friends and more. But there are also a few problems – Cupcake (also known as the snobbiest dog in the world) is getting on his last nerve! This story, written in a dog’s perspective, is about the happy life of Lucky – how he beats Cupcake, how he cooks food and how he loves and cares for everyone. So get ready to be mind-blown by the DARING ADVENTURES of Lucky, in the Diary of a Lucky Dog.

If you’re dog lover, this is for you. If you’re not, you’ll turn into one by the time you finish this book!

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