Muthu Sakthi Velmurugan

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Muthu is a Year 10 student from Melbourne, Australia (as of 2022). She is very passionate about sports, music and art. Muthu enjoys playing cricket and she represents her District and Division teams in Victoria state. A helpful person at heart, Muthu is known for being a caring buddy to her juniors and classmates in school. She is the proud recipient of her primary school’s Endeavour Award and her middle school’s Service Award.

Muthu enjoys interacting with people of all ages and organizing games and activities to engage young children. Spending a lot of time remote learning during the lockdown in 2020/2021, she got to ponder about gratitude and kindness and decided to put her thoughts as books for children. Her first book launched in 2020, The Small, Green Dog, was her publisher’s best seller of the year.