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Grandpa’s stories for kids

Do you know why grandparents are great storytellers? It’s because their stories are laced with love! This is a bunch of brilliant stories written by an octogenerarian with truckloads of wisdom and the right measure of satire and drama. Stories work best when they relate to real life. These thought-provoking tales, including some from history, are not the typical “moral of the story” type but will intrigue children and lead them to draw their own conclusions.

Doodling for Lilliputs: Book 1

Doodles are simple drawings that can help kids visualize their thoughts through art. This book, the first in the series, aims at introducing doodling to young kids in a step-by-step simple format. Doodling helps to improve focus and reduce stress – so, let’s get, set, doodle!

The Incredible Journey: A dive within

Life is all about what we see and what we expect, isn’t it? But what if it’s something better than what we thought, imagined and perceived? This book is all about helping you see life and its experience from a different perspective, from “the present” rather than “the past”, showing you a way forward rather than backward. It narrates how the journey can be turned into a positive experience leading to a better version of you. Enjoy the expedition!


Dr. G. Thirumavalavan

Dr G Thirumavalavan was born in 1940 in Thiruvathipuram (Cheyyaru). His parents, Pulavar K Govindan and Kannammal, raised him and his siblings in a loving environment, filled with Tamil, books and freedom. Dr G Thirumavalavan taught chemistry and later history at Tamil Nadu colleges. He married another bibliophile, Ms Nageswari, in 1968. They have three daughters (who heard these stories first). Dr G Thirumavalavan has published a number of articles and books on historical research, fiction, kids fiction and non-fiction essays (science, rationalism, contemporary events) in Tamil and English, in magazines and research journals. He hopes to continue writing, as it gives him solace and focus.

Satya Sudhir

Satya Sudhir is an architect with a passion for teaching. She enjoys teaching art to children as a hobby. Her other interests include writing and singing gospel music.

Srinivasa Rao

Sri, a multi-linguist, is an avid adventure seeker. A pranic healer, he is always enthusiastic about learning different fields – from engineering and psychology to spirituality and life. Sri believes in being a life-long learner and student and enjoys seeing the different perspectives of life. He loves meeting new people and finds delight in the diversity of cultures.


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