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"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."
- Toni Morrison


Here's the

Doctor's Day Winners list

Dear Doctors, your dedication and hard work inspire us all. Thank you for everything you do.

Here's the list of winners of the Doctor's Day Storywriting Contest! Congratulations to all the winners:

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Into the Light

₹199.0 ₹249.0

Ralph's Wild Journey

₹179.0 ₹279.0

Mini Bus



₹179.0 ₹279.0

Diary of a Lucky Dog

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

STEM for Lilliputs

₹600.0 ₹750.0

Phonics for Lilliputs

₹727.0 ₹1190.0

Diary of a Lucky Dog Pack

₹540.0 ₹620.0

Little Me

₹210.0 - ₹349.0

The Bridge to Harmony

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

Kin at Odds

₹70.0 - ₹155.0

The Warriors of Nature

₹70.0 - ₹215.0

Daisy and Snoopy

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

The Storyurene

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

My Cup Overflows

₹70.0 - ₹155.0

A Day Being Tiny

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

Dewdrops in Sunshine

₹70.0 - ₹99.0

Aliens Exposed

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

The Man with Duck Feathers

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

The Good King of Astzaria

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

Hero the Dog

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

The Magic Bakery

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

Just a Dream...

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

Ramu and the Genie

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

The Wrong Train

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

The Doll

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

Lord Vinayaka and the Moon

₹70.0 - ₹179.0

Mahesh and the Momos

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

A Night in the Jungle

₹70.0 - ₹149.0

The Small, Green Dog

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

The Leader Frog

₹140.0 ₹179.0

His First Love

₹70.0 - ₹140.0

The Story of Two Pots

₹70.0 - ₹179.0

Where’s Tanya?

₹179.0 ₹220.0

The Teenage Mirage

₹140.0 ₹199.0

Fiery Four Dragonia

₹130.0 ₹250.0

Heart of the Circus

₹240.0 ₹350.0

Stray Clouds

₹170.0 ₹247.0

Spelling for Lilliputs

₹250.0 ₹327.0

Diary of a Lucky Dog 2

₹125.0 ₹155.0

Rita's Leopard

₹140.0 ₹179.0

Four in a Quiver

₹140.0 ₹155.0

Dushyantha, the Bully

₹140.0 ₹179.0

The Mushroom Fairy

₹140.0 ₹155.0

Homophones for Lilliputs

₹129.0 ₹149.0

Diary of a Lucky Dog 3

₹70.0 - ₹120.0

Once in a Blue Moon Hunt

₹100.0 ₹129.0

The Wise Wind

₹199.0 ₹259.0

Guzzler, the Pond Turtle

₹140.0 ₹179.0

Who Loves Puppies?

₹155.0 ₹200.0


Michael Ranjitsingh

My experience with I Am An Author was smooth and enjoyable. All the details were handled and presented carefully. My doubts were also clarified instantly. Definitely a great organisation to publish your book with! Highly recommend! 

Aashna Kohli

“We found ‘I Am An Author’ through a reference and have been delighted with our experience. As a first-time author, they have guided us through the entire process and have managed everything for us including designing, proofing, ISBN etc. The entire experience has been very professionally run with just the right touch of personalization. The biggest boon of course has been for a young author to see a book with their name being published. For anyone who thinks that publishing a book is hard, you will be pleasantly surprised with ‘I Am An Author’”.

CJ Shahjahan

I Am An Author, the publishing wing of Edisun Consulting Services, Chennai, stands out as a professional organization bringing out the creativeness of a writer and transforming the words into a readable format with the use of modern printing technology. The well-trained staff coordinate with the writer at every step of publishing, from the cover design to creative format, from the text editing to social media marketing, and of course the final printing on time. I was immensely pleased when my book The Bridge to Harmony was released on the New Year’s Eve 2022 with a beautiful cover design and reader-friendly printing.


For my book on Practical Spirituality, the services of “I AM AN AUTHOR” turned out to be a handholding and turnkey job. Despite being in two languages – Samskritam and English – the coordination and communication were quite smooth and efficient.

Jiji Saraswathi

After a lot of false starts, I took the courage to complete my book only after talking to Ms. Mary at “I Am An Author”. The dream to publish my book came true only through the team at “I Am An Author”. They helped me improve my stories and publish it. It was the most overwhelming when I received my first copy and every time someone called to congratulate me on it, my heart skipped a beat. The best feeling ever – thank you I Am An Author team, Ms. Mary and Ms. Sundari

G.S. Aishwarya


I had an incredible experience with “I Am An Author”. Words can’t express how grateful I’m to I Am An Author for helping me become an author.

I Am An Author has a phenomenal impact on every child who is publishing through them. Best wishes to them in their endeavour to make every child’s future bright.

S.R. Sri Sai Darshan

I would like to thank everyone at “I Am An Author” for helping me publish my book.

The Budding Authors program is really a great opportunity for kids like me who have a passion for story writing. “I Am An Author” team is very professional and helpful and gave me tremendous support in my journey.

Swetha Karthikeyan


My name is Swetha K! I have published three books so far (A Day in the Age of the DinosaursHero the Dog, and The Good King Of Astzaria)! And all of these books were only published with the help of I Am An Author. My first book was originally made for a competition at my school (which I didn’t win) But Sundari aunty told my father that she was running a book publishing company and could check out my story if it would fit in, and it did! Ever since that happened, I have been inspired to write more stories! It was an awesome experience seeing my books at a book fair! I was overjoyed when someone wanted to take a photo with me! And, all of this happened only because of the team at I Am An Author! So, I really appreciate them a lot! Thank you for reading!


Swetha Karthikeyan

Author of A Day in the Age of the DinosaursHero the Dog, and The Good King Of Astzaria

Shoba Ranjitsingh

I have published two books with the “I Am An Author”. Quick reply to emails, prompt service, meeting deadlines and sticking to the details of publication have been the highlights. I wish they would soon introduce gift cards and gift wrapping on their website.

Avyukta Bhattacharjee

As a new author, I started my writing habit in the pandemic. I contacted “I Am An Author” through my mom’s colleague. After joining them, I developed good confidence in my writing as they helped me publish my books and also displayed my books in the Chennai Book Fair, thus supporting me in all means. Thank you.


Shilpi Banerjee

I was searching for a publisher when I read a recommendation for “I Am An Author”. I connected with them through the WhatsApp number on their website. The message was promptly replied to. Within a few hours, I had shared my publishing material by email and received a quote too. What I totally appreciate is they are  very quick in action, proactive, they stick to the timeline they have outlined for publishing, the quality of printing/paper/binding is excellent. And they are very co-operative too. They couriered my book to twenty-two places at my request. My entire publishing experience was a breeze and a delight. Thank you Mary Nadar and team. Best wishes to the team of I Am An Author.